Planning and Building Permit fees and payments

There are a variety of fees associated with Planning and Building permits. Each year the City updates a master fee schedule that lists all the fees, rates, and charges for City services.

Your fees will be calculated automatically when you apply online on eTRAKiT.

How to pay

You can pay by credit card or eCheck. We no longer accept paper checks.

If you are submitting a single application, use the Pay Now option. If you are submitting multiple applications, you can add it to the Shopping Cart if you want to pay for all of them at the same time.


The payment confirmation page will have your permit number. You’ll also get a receipt by email, but it won’t have your permit number on it.

Building permit fees

Most building permit fees range, based on the type and value of the work (solar permits are a flat fee). The total cost includes:

  • Permit and inspection fee
  • Plan check fee
  • General Plan Maintenance Fee
  • Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (SMIP) fee
  • California SB 1473 Fee
  • Records management fee

These fees are automatically calculated for you when you apply online. You need to pay these fees when you submit your application.

Your project may have other fees, such as Title 24 Energy or sidewalk fees. You need to pay these before the building permit is issued.

Calculating the value of your project

The value of your project includes:

  • Labor and overhead costs
  • Cost of materials and equipment

If you are doing the work yourself, you should calculate as if you were hiring a contractor.