Housing Element Update: Adoption Expected in Late February or March
Posted on 01/26/2023

Housing Element Update: Adoption expected in late February or March

Published January 27, 2023

City of Piedmont staff will bring the 6th Cycle Housing Element to City Council for adoption after the conclusion of the State’s 90-day review period, which ends on February 16th. Currently, the City expects this will happen in late February or March 2023.

The Planning Commission reviewed the proposed Housing Element at a special meeting on January 12th and unanimously voted to recommend that the City Council adopt the proposed Housing Element when it comes to them.

Since the City submitted the Draft Housing Element to the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for review on November 18, 2022, Planning staff have been in active communication with Piedmont’s HCD reviewer, holding multiple meetings to discuss the City’s plan, answer questions, and even providing a personal tour of the city and sites listed in the sites inventory.

Planning & Building Director Kevin Jackson provided a verbal update on the status of the Housing Element at the January 17, 2023 City Council meeting.

Next Steps: Housing Element Adoption and Implementation

HCD will provide written comments to City staff regarding the Draft Housing Element at the end of the 90-day review period. If reviewers determine that changes are needed, Planning staff will work with HCD to develop any necessary amendments, then bring the proposed updates to City Council for approval.

After the City Council adopts the Housing Element, the City will have three years to implement a substantial number of the proposed programs and regulatory changes outlined in the document. Some of this work has already begun – the City issued an RFP this week seeking professional services to lead the preparation of a Moraga Canyon Specific Plan, one of the core elements of the City’s plan to accommodate 587 new homes by 2031.

Implementation of the Housing Element involves additional environmental review, which is already underway – the City is currently in the process of preparing a programmatic EIR that studies the impacts of the new homes and residents that could come to Piedmont once implementation is complete.

More information at PiedmontisHome

A wealth of information about the Housing Element update process is available at PiedmontisHome.org, the City’s online hub for the Housing Element update and housing policy.

For questions about the Housing Element process, write to [email protected].