Fire Prevention Bureau

The Piedmont Fire Prevention Bureau is charged with investigating all fires for cause and origin, and enforcing adopted fire code standards to safeguard life, health, property and publics welfare. The Fire prevention Bureau also serves the community by providing public education, detailed plan review, inspection and code enforcement. 

For more information or assistance please email Captain Mike Carlisle at [email protected].

Safety Inspections

Throughout the year, under the direction of the Fire Marshal, fire personnel perform general and specific fire inspections in schools, businesses and apartments throughout the city. Our personnel inspection for fire hazards as well as general safety and exiting requirements. Generally these inspections take very little time, but help business owners remain compliant with fire and safety codes, while providing a safe environment for their employees and the public. Vegetation Hazard Inspections are conducted upon request. Current local and state standards are applied in our enforcement efforts.

For more information or assistance please email Captain Mike Carlisle at [email protected].

Fire Investigations

The Piedmont Fire Department is responsible to determine the cause and origin of all fires occurring in the Piedmont jurisdiction. To that end Fire Officers with specific training investigate all fires reported in Piedmont, and coordinate with local (Piedmont Police), regional (Alameda Arson Task force), State (Cal Fire) and Federal (US ATF) agencies. Additionally PFD members participate in the Alameda County Arson Task Force during events in surrounding communities. 

For more information or assistance please email Captain Mike Carlisle at [email protected].