Fire Chief

Bret Black
(510) 420-3038 |Direct Phone


Scott Barringer*
Emergency Medical Services, Disaster Preparedness

Jon Fitzpatrick 
Emergency Operations 

Mike Carlisle*
Fire Prevention, Technology and Communications, Fire Investigation


Justin McNulty
Training, Apparatus

Kevin Robinson*
Emergency Medical Services, CPR and First Aid 

Zach Heliker*
Training, Emergency Medical Supplies


Alan Grace
Public Education, Apparatus

Russ SanFilippo
Training, Apparatus

Justin Morris*


Ron Alexander*
Todd Gerard*
Steve Fournier*
Robb Hendry*
Brian Gidney*
Sandor Lengyel
Robert Kingston*
Jordan Shay
Dino Dedes
Brian Protheroe*
David Abernethy*
Anthony Rentoria 

Administrative Staff

Barbara Love 
Accounts Payable, Purchasing
(510) 420-3028 | Direct Phone

All Piedmont Fire Department employees can be reached by calling the business line at,
 (510) 420-3030. If there is no answer, than everyone is out of the station likely on a call. Feel free to leave a message and when we are back in the station we will call you back.

* Indicates licensed EMT-Paramedic. All Piedmont firefighters are EMT-Basic certified allowing them to perform basic emergency medical procedures.

Paramedics have undergone an additional year and a half of training and may perform advanced emergency medical procedures including cardiac monitoring, IV medication, defibrillation and advanced diagnostic procedures. The Piedmont Fire Department ambulance is staffed with two paramedics at all times.