Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee was formed as a permanent body when the City Council passed Resolution 3-14 on January 6, 2014, with an assignment to develop recommendations for improving public safety in the City of Piedmont. Read the committee's full charge (PDF).


  • Jeffrey Horner
  • Liz O'Neil
  • Marie Retheford
  • Georgina Russell
  • Jeanne Solnordol
  • Marilyn Weber | Chair
  • Veronica Thigpen | School District Appointment
  • Chief of Police Jeremy Bowers | [email protected] | (510) 420-3010
  • Fire Chief Dave Brannigan  |  [email protected] (510) 420-3038

Council Liaison: Conna McCarthy | [email protected] | (510) 420-3048

Meeting Information & Agendas

View the current agenda (PDF). 

Meetings of the Public Safety Committee are recorded for the purposes of creating minutes. Meeting minutes, and audio files for meetings after October 5, 2015, are available upon request from the City Clerk's office at (510) 420-3040.

Get Ready, Piedmont Disaster Preparedness Manual

The Public Safety Committee is pleased to release the Get Ready, Piedmont Disaster Preparedness Manual (PDF). This document will provide comprehensive information on preparation for and response to, earthquakes, fires, landslides, and other emergencies. The manual is 50 pages in length with checklists and illustrations on things like turning off utilities, food and water storage, first aid materials, seismic measures, family communications plans, etc.