Renting your property

If you rent or lease a property in Piedmont, you need to:

The intent to rent form is a one-time filing, but you need to pay the rental tax for each year that you collect rent payments. Even if you didn’t rent your property for the full year, you still need to pay the tax on rental income earned for the part of the year that you did collect a payment.

This applies to both residential and commercial properties. It also applies if you are renting a portion of your home, like renting a room or an accessory dwelling unit.

This is not required if you have a family member staying in your home with you and they are not paying you.

This does not apply to properties you own outside of Piedmont.

Short term rentals

If you have a property that you rent for less than 30 days at a time, you need to pay rental tax on any income earned from your rental. You also need a short term rental permit.