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What's Happening in Piedmont

City Council Adopts Pedestrian/Bike Plan

On Monday, November 3, 2014, City Council unanimously adopted the Planning Commission-recommended Draft Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan (PBMP) and the Initial Study/Negative Declaration, adding one modification to page 96 of the plan. Many members of the public spoke at the meeting in support of the plan. The Final PBMP can be found in the link below. A Notice of Determination was filed with the County following the adoption of the Initial Study/Negative Declaration.


Late Pickup Restored at Highland Way Mailboxes

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has restored the 5:00 PM weekday pickup at the mailboxes at the corner of Highland Avenue and Highland Way. This restoration of services culminates almost a year’s worth of work by the City of Piedmont to have this evening pickup restored.


Paratransit Advisory Committee Seeks a Piedmont Member

The Alameda County Transportation Commission is seeking a Piedmont volunteer to serve on the Paratransit Advisory Planning Committee (PAPCO). Interested residents must be a consumer of public transportation services available in the county for seniors and persons with disabilities.


CodeRED Emergency Notifications

The Piedmont Police and Fire Departments are now offering Emergency Notifications through a system called CodeRED. This system utilizes telephone, email, text messages, and/or a mobile app to notify residents of emergencies and other public safety related news. Click Here to register for the new system.


Undergrounding Law Suit

The City of Piedmont’s case against Robert Gray & Associates and Harris & Associates, Inc. currently is in the pre-trial phase of litigation known as “discovery.” The parties have been exchanging written information and documents, and have completed multiple key depositions. Attorneys representing the City expect to complete all necessary depositions and written discovery in the next few months. The Court has ordered the parties to engage in settlement discussions, and a mediation likely will be scheduled this summer. While the Court has not yet set a trial date, attorneys for the City anticipate that the trial date ultimately will be in Spring 2016.