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What's Happening in Piedmont

City Seeks Volunteers for Budget Advisory and Financial Planning CommitteeDeadline: Tues., Sept. 30th

The City of Piedmont is looking for a few talented volunteers for vacancies on the Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee. The committee, originally established by the City Council as a temporary body in March 2012, has been made a permanent body with an expanded membership of five regular members and two alternate members.


Ped/Bike Plan CEQA Document Available for Public Comment; Planning Commission to Make Recommendation on Plan

The draft CEQA Initial Study/Negative Declaration document is now available for public review and comment. Members of the public will have until Thursday, October 9, 2014 to submit comments.

The Draft Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan and Draft of the CEQA document will be heard at the upcoming meeting of the City’s Planning Commission. The meeting will be held on Monday, October 13, 2014 at 5 pm in the Council Chambers in Piedmont City Hall (120 Vista Avenue). At the meeting, the Planning Commission will take action on the recommendation of the Draft Plan and draft CEQA Initial Study/Negative Declaration document, and may choose to make revisions to and/or provide comments on the two documents. Members of the public will have an opportunity to speak at the meeting.


City Considering LED Streetlight Replacement

The City Council is considering replacing the City’s existing high-pressure sodium vapor streetlights with new energy efficient LED fixtures. The project is intended to meet the objectives of the City’s General Plan, Climate Action Plan and Environmental Task Force by reducing energy consumption, energy and maintenance costs, and greenhouse gas emissions. At its regular meeting [...]


Street Sweeping Schedule Available

The Public Works Department has begun its annual street sweeping program.  To download a copy of the schedule click here.   Please note that there is no scheduled sweeping on Wednesdays.  These days will be used for equipment maintenance and spot clean-up.


EBMUD Requests 10% Water Conservation

The East Bay Municipal Utility Distrist (EBMUD) is currently requesting ten percent voluntary conservation from customers due to the California drought. The state of California is considering emergency water conservation regulations that may affect all California residents as soon as August 1, 2014. Go to the EBMUD website for latest news on the drought including current EBMUD restrictions on water use and access to EBMUD conservation services through the WaterSmart Center, or to order free home water survey kits and free drought-related materials for businesses.


CodeRED Emergency Notifications

The Piedmont Police and Fire Departments are now offering Emergency Notifications through a system called CodeRED. This system utilizes telephone, email, text messages, and/or a mobile app to notify residents of emergencies and other public safety related news. Click Here to register for the new system.


Undergrounding Law Suit

The City of Piedmont’s case against Robert Gray & Associates and Harris & Associates, Inc. currently is in the pre-trial phase of litigation known as “discovery.” The parties have been exchanging written information and documents, and have completed multiple key depositions. Attorneys representing the City expect to complete all necessary depositions and written discovery in the next few months. The Court has ordered the parties to engage in settlement discussions, and a mediation likely will be scheduled this summer. While the Court has not yet set a trial date, attorneys for the City anticipate that the trial date ultimately will be in Spring 2015.