Over 100 years of service, with an eye on the future

Vintage Fire Crew

A career of community service with the Piedmont Fire Department is a rewarding and exciting profession. We value our rich history and look to the future to ensure we are always ready to answer the call to duty while embracing innovation.

Modern Fire Crew

Keep reading if you want to join our highly motivated team of professionals at the Piedmont Fire Department.. 

firefighter in smokeCustomer service is valued in the City of Piedmont. The Fire Department is trained and equipped as an all risk fire department with a long-standing history of providing highly skilled emergency medicine coveted by our residents. Although Piedmont is a small town, we are bordered by a major metropolitan area in the hills above San Francisco Bay. All city employees work as a team to ensure a collaborative environment to meet the needs of our residents. As a Piedmont Firefighter you will become somewhat of a celebrity, acknowledging citizens by name, being recognized by civic leaders and participating in various community events.

firefighter  with hosePiedmont Fire Department participates in mutual aid within Alameda County and are actively engaged in the California Mutual Aid System. Piedmont Fire Department regularly deploys our resources across the State. As a small department, Piedmont firefighters are required to be flexible and proficient in all areas of the fire and emergency response. Piedmont firefighters are required to obtain their California DMV certification to operate fire apparatus, and are expected to develop proficiency in driving and operating all emergency vehicles in our inventory. Firefighters are often rotated through assignments on various apparatus in multiple roles depending on the needs of the department. Our firefighters are also provided opportunities to take on special projects, programs and responsibilities at every rank beyond standard emergency response. Our personnel are encourage to engage with local and regional committees and outside training events, which are fiscally supported.
Firefighter Providing Care

Piedmont values family life and our personnel work a 48/96 schedule, enjoying the flexibility of a generous shift trade policy that helps ease the stress on family and personal life despite the rigorous demands of a firefighter's schedule. The City of Piedmont provides competitive compensation, industry standard retirement and a package of valuable benefits including medical, dental, orthodontia and medical coverage. The City also provides full time employees after-school childcare and morning skipping stones programs at no cost for kids aged 2 years & 9 months through 5 years old (subject to availability).

If you are interested in current or future opportunities to apply to the Piedmont Fire Department please notify us with your contact information. We'll be in touch to acquire your resume and provide a job application. 

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