Recreation Department: Piedmont Middle School Programs

Middle School Overview

The Recreation Department is proud to present diverse program offerings for Piedmont Middle School students including competitive and recreational sports, debate, art, computer science, chess, dance, martial arts and more.


Recreational Sports: PRD offers a wide range of recreational/instructional athletic opportunities including Flag Football, Water Polo, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis, Basketball, Fencing, and more.

Competitive Sports: Piedmont Middle school interscholastic teams compete against other schools in the sports of Cross Country, Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, and Track and Field.

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After-School Enrichment

PRD offers a diverse array of after-school enrichment programs including debate, art, computer science, chess, dance, martial arts and more.

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Social Emotional Development and Support for Teens

PRD presents a new series of weekend workshops for youth focused on a range of social emotional development needs. Several workshops will be led and facilitated by professional youth educators with age-appropriate content and activities. Topics may include emotional intelligence, intimate justice, healthy relationships, gender and sexuality, consent, personal voice, ethics and respect.

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