Welcome to the Piedmont Recreation Department

Department Overview

The Recreation Department is responsible for the organization and management of a variety of programs and services.  Under the Director of Recreation, the department is divided into three divisions, each of which is managed by a recreation supervisor.

Our administrative offices are located in the Recreation Department Building, 358 Hillside Avenue at the corner of Hillside and Magnolia Avenues.  The general department phone number is (510) 420-3070.  Contact Department secretary Cora Wood for information at (510) 420-3070 or email her at prd@piedmont.ca.gov.

Schoolmates Scoop

Positive changes are coming to Schoolmates for the 18-19 school year. Please see the Schoolmates Scoop for more information.

Department Directory

General Contacts    
Sara Lillevand, Recreation Director slillevand@piedmont.ca.gov (510) 420-3070
Erin Rivera, Recreation Supervisor erivera@piedmont.ca.gov (510) 420-3072
Michael Murphy, Interim Recreation Supervisor mmurphy@piedmont.ca.gov (510) 420-3075
Cora Wood, Administrative Assistant prd@piedmont.ca.gov (510) 420-3070
Steven Chavarria, Sports Coordinator schavarria@piedmont.ca.gov (510) 420-6223
Victor Rivas, Aquatics Coordinator vrivas@piedmont.ca.gov (510) 420-3088
Rental Coordinator prdrentals@piedmont.ca.gov (510) 420-3081
Jessica Pomey, Office Assistant jpomey@piedmont.ca.gov (510) 420-3070
Erin Rivera, Supervisor erivera@piedmont.ca.gov (510) 420-3072
Beach Schoolmates bsm@piedmont.ca.gov (510) 420-3077
Havens Schoolmates hsm@piedmont.ca.gov (510) 420-3078
Wildwood Schoolmates wsm@piedmont.ca.gov (510) 420-3076
Recreation Commission
Glyn Burge (510) 547-7112
Jeffrey Dorman (510) 985-1203
Kobi Eshun (415) 713-8431
Vincent Fisher (760) 805-4057
Carrie Graham Lee (510) 654-9647
Conna McCarthy (510) 333-9148
Steve Roland (510) 601-8458
Recreation City Council Liaison  
Jen Cavenaugh jcavenaugh@piedmont.ca.gov (510) 428-1442