Public Works: Maintenance Division

Division Overview

Corporation Yard Hours :
7:00 am to 3:30 pm
Monday through Friday

Piedmont Corporation Yard
898 Red Rock Road
Piedmont, CA 94611

For more information:
(510) 420-3065

The Public Works Department, Maintenance Division, maintains the City's sewers, storm drains, streets, and parks. This includes the design and construction of public facilities, parks, and medians; engineering, architectural and landscape design services; and traffic engineering.

Streets & Sidewalks

Maintaining the city's streets and sidewalks includes more than the annual repair and paving projects. Street signs, road markings, and traffic signals are all part of providing safe accessible streets. Because of the extensive use of trees on Piedmont's streets, one of the department's most important duties is routine street sweeping. Although streets are swept year round, from early fall through February the department publishes a weekly Street Sweeping Schedule to allow neighbors to plan for leaf removal.


Public Works provides both routine maintenance and emergency service for city sewers. For the several more years the department will manage a federally mandated project to replace 17 miles of city sewer lines throughout the community in addition to the regular program of inspection and repair. The city has already met the 2014 deadline of rehabilitating the 10 sub-basins identified in a 1986 rehabilitation study. Four more sub-basins have now been identified as needing rehabilitation and the last eight are being re-examined.

Department personnel are on call 24 hours a day, seven days per week. During normal business hours call (510) 420-3050 or after hours call the Piedmont Police Department at 420-3000.


The city maintains over 7,000 trees on 85 streets throughout the city and has a regular program to plant, trim and replace these trees. It is illegal to spray, prune, top or trim the city's trees and violators will be cited. If you believe that a city street tree needs immediate attention, call (510) 420-3050.


Republic Services Inc. is the city's provider of garbage, green waste and recycling services, including e-waste. You are encouraged to call the franchisee directly at 800-320-8077 to report missed pick-ups, noise problems or special needs. If you do not feel that your needs have been adequately met, call the city at (510) 420-3050.

Storm Drains

The Federal Clean Water Ad and 1987 Amendment required that Piedmont take steps to improve its storm drain system and minimize the effect of pollutants which wash from the city streets into city storms drains and then into Lake Merritt and San Francisco Bay. Dumping chemicals, paint, dirt or debris into the storm drains is prohibited by law. For more information, call the city at (510) 420-3050 or visit the Alameda Countywide Cleanwater Program's website at

Your Measure B and VRF Money At Work

Measure B, a tax approved by Alameda County voters in November 2000, provides programmatic pass-through funds for bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements, Alameda County bridges and local streets and roads. In Piedmont, Measure B funds are used for annual street resurfacing projects and bicycle and pedestrian projects, such as Piedmont's project on Grand Avenue. For more information on countywide transportation improvements, visit the Alameda County Transportation Commission website at

For more information on Alameda County VRF fees, please see


Professional engineering services have been provided by contract since 1984. Contractors provide expertise in a variety of engineering services (city engineering, planning services, traffic engineering services, capital projects, etc.) for the City’s operation as well as acting in the capacity of City Engineer.