Welcome to the Public Works Department

Department Overview

The city's Director of Public Works manages the largest department in the City of Piedmont with 16 full-time staff members. The Director oversees all functions including building, planning, engineering, sewers, storm drains, streets and park maintenance. He is assisted by four separate division heads who manage building, planning, project management and maintenance and by various contract employees who assist with engineering and design projects.

The department's responsibilities include the following areas: building permits, building inspections, code enforcement, planning and zoning, conditional use permits, second unit permits, sidewalks and curbs, street resurfacing, street sweeping, street lights, street trees, sewers, parks, filming permits, banner hanging permits, drop box permits and garage sale permits.

Department Directory

General Inquiries      
Chester Nakahara Director of Public Works (510) 420-3061 cnakahara@ci.piedmont.ca.us
Vacant Administrative Assistant (510) 420-3051
Viba Regalado-Silva Administrative Assistant (510) 420-3052 vregalado@ci.piedmont.ca.us
General Planning & Zoning Inquiries (510) 420-3050 ondutyplanner@ci.piedmont.ca.us
Kevin Jackson Interim Planning Director (510) 420-3039 kjackson@ci.piedmont.ca.us
Jennifer Gavin Asst. Planner (510) 420-3054 jgavin@ci.piedmont.ca.us
Emily Alvarez Asst. Planner (510) 420-3094 ealvarez@ci.piedmont.ca.us
Chris Yeager Planning Technician (510) 420-3067 cyeager@ci.piedmont.ca.us
Nancy Kent Parks & Project Manager (510) 420-3064 nkent@ci.piedmont.ca.us
Dave Frankel Supervisor of Maintenance (510) 420-3065 dfrankel@ci.piedmont.ca.us
Robert Akiyama Building Official (510) 420-3062 rakiyama@ci.piedmont.ca.us
Craig Griffin Plan Checker (510) 420-3060 cgriffin@ci.piedmont.ca.us