Piedmont Police: Traffic Department


Traffic officers are primarily involved in the enforcement of traffic laws (Vehicle Code and Municipal Code), responding to traffic-related complaints, and the investigation of vehicle collisions.  However, Traffic Officers are police officers, usually assigned to motorcycle-based patrol and their exceptional maneuverability with their motorcycles allows them to be of great utility in searching for suspects and getting to places quickly through traffic. Traffic Officers are specially trained to provide additional services, such as speed surveys, child safety seat inspections, speed advisory sign placement, collision report review, collision statistical compilation and analysis, and traffic safety school instructor. 

When Traffic Officers are not available, Patrol Officers have traffic responsibilities and will take accident reports, respond to traffic related complaints, and enforce vehicle violations.

Crossing Guards

School Crossing Guard services at several key intersections in Piedmont are provided under contract by All City Management Services. Please immediately report any problems with crossing guard performance to the Watch Commander at the Piedmont Police Department, (510) 420-3000.

Parking Enforcement

The Piedmont Police Department employs two part-time Parking Enforcement Officers to enforce California Vehicle Code and City of Piedmont Municipal Code violations related to the unlawful parking of vehicles. The most common violations enforced include red zone violations, disabled parking violations, time limit violations, 72-hour violations, and permit zone parking violations. Action taken by Parking Enforcement Officers include warnings, citations, and towing of vehicles. Parking violations are enforced by Police Officers or Animal Control Officers when Parking Enforcement Officers are not on duty. Please call the Piedmont Police Department at (510) 420-3000 to report illegally parked vehicles.

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