Piedmont Police Support Services Division


The Support Services Division is divided into three areas of responsibility. These areas are composed of the Detective Division, Records, and Support Services.

Members of the Division are responsible for a variety of activities and support functions to provide public safety to our community and professionalism within the police department. Detectives and Support Servicesí personnel are assigned to criminal investigations, School Resource Officer, Property/Evidence Control, Crime Analysis, Recruitment, Backgrounds, Professional Standards/Accreditation, Budget, Records Management, False Alarm Management, Parking Citation Appeals and Live Scan Fingerprinting.

Criminal Investigation

Detectives perform follow-up investigations on crimes after an initial responding officer has conducted preliminary criminal investigation, collected evidence and contacted potential witnesses.

The Support Services’ Captain is responsible for reviewing every report taken by officers of the Piedmont Police Department and will assign a detective to conduct a follow-up investigation when necessary.  Follow-up investigations include contacting people to clarify facts, acquire additional fact and/or evidence, facilitate technical and laboratory work, and to ensure accurate and thorough documentation has occurred.

Detectives receive training in their area of specialization in addition to cross training in other areas. One detective specializes in juvenile crime and the other in crimes against persons and property. In addition to investigating criminal activity, our detectives are available to speak to various groups on a variety of subjects.

The Juvenile Detective also manages a program for first time offenders who may be offered to attend a Youth Court Program. When a minor is arrested, the case is reviewed to determine if they are eligible for diversion to the Youth Court Program (i.e. the crime is not a violent felony, the minor is a local resident and has no prior arrests). If the minor is sent to the Youth Court Program they will perform community service and, if applicable, write a letter of apology and pay restitution. In addition, the minor may be referred to drug and alcohol counseling or other resources if the situation warrants. If the minor successfully completes the program, the matter is closed and it is "diverted" from being sent to the juvenile probation department.

Detectives generally work Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. Detective personnel can be reached by calling them directly or by email. Detective Phifer’s phone number is (510) 420-3013.

Questions involving active investigations should be directed to the Detective assigned to your case.

School Resource Officer

The Piedmont Police Department provides a School Resource Officer (S.R.O.) to the Piedmont Unified School District. In a joint effort to make our schools safer and have a positive presence in the schools. The Department’s SRO is an assignment filled by the Juvenile Detective.

The School Resource Officer’s daily activities include meeting and working with students, teachers, parents, counselors, and school administrators. The officer gives advice on a variety of topics, writes crime reports, handles disputes at the school, acts as counselor, conducts follow-up investigations, usually related to students at their particular school, and visits and guest lectures in class room discussions on a variety of topics. The SRO also works closely with leadership instruction in the schools and helps in organizing and putting on events with student groups.


The Records Division is responsible for maintaining department records, processing, data entry, processing requests for reports, handling warrants, subpoenas, restraining orders, and preparation of statistics including the monthly Department of Justice Crime Report.

The Piedmont Police Department provides access to a variety of public records. Interested individuals may make their request for records during business hours. These requests may be made verbally or in writing. To help assist the public in making a focused and effective records request a specific Request for Records form may be completed by the requestor or police personnel.

Once a request has been made, certain records may be released immediately; while other requests may take up to 10 days to determine if they are releasable.

Records personnel may be reached at (510) 420-3001.


The Piedmont Police Department continuously accepts job applications for all of our part- time and full-time positions. For current job descriptions and benefits please visit the Piedmont Personnel Department.

The Piedmont Police Department has a recruitment team that would be happy to answer any questions you have about the City of Piedmont, the department, or a specific job description. You may also schedule a ride-a-long or meet with any of our police personnel. Contact any recruitment team member listed below to begin your familiarity with our department.

Recruitment Team Members: Phone
Sergeant Michael Munoz (510) 420-3000
Officer George Phifer (510) 420-3000
Dispatcher Rachel Perez (510) 420-3000
Administration Services Technician Stacy Thorn (510) 420-3037