Piedmont Police: Community Services

Alarm Checks

Piedmont Police Department officers respond to alarm calls and document the cause of the alarm’s activation. The department’s record management system keeps track of all alarms. Home owners will receive a courtesy notice for their first false alarm. Subsequent false alarms may generate fees from the home owner. False alarm fees are incurred when there are 4 or more false alarms at a residence within a one calendar year.

False Alarm Fees
4 in one calendar year $50.00
5 in one calendar year $150.00
6 in one calendar year $300.00
7 or more in one calendar year $100.00 increase for each subsequent false alarm.

Residents are encouraged to work with the alarm company the contract with to alleviate any false alarm causes. Most alarm companies have a positive relationship with the police department in reducing the number of false alarms.

Car Seat Inspections

The Piedmont Police Department does not perform car seat inspections. Residents of Alameda County may contact Safe Kids at Alameda County Public Health/EMS at (510) 618-2050 for child safety seat information. They will assist you with answering any questions you may have and can direct you to a fitting station closest to you for inspections.

LiveScan Fingerprinting

The Piedmont Police Department provides LiveScan fingerprinting services to Piedmont residents and non-residents. All fingerprinting services are done on Thursdays by appointment only

For a LiveScan appointment, you must have a Request For LiveScan Services form provided by whoever is requiring you to be fingerprinted.

To make an appointment for fingerprinting services, contact the Piedmont Police Department at (510) 420-3000.


Fingerprinting Fees

Resident LiveScan Electronic Submission $ 30.00 plus variable DOJ / FBI fees.
Non-Resident LiveScan Electronic Submission $ 55.00 plus variable DOJ / FBI fees.

Parking Citations

Parking citations for the City of Piedmont are issued by the Piedmont Police Department. Parking citations are not criminal violations; however, they are civil violations against the City of Piedmont.

The City of Piedmont has a contract with DATA Ticket, Inc. Huntington Beach, California. This firm collects penalties, and mails notice of violations to the registered owners of vehicles cited for illegal parking.

Parking citations may be paid online by clicking here.

Individuals who are issued parking citations have the right to contest them. All Administrative reviews and hearings are conducted in Piedmont. Those individuals who wish to contest parking citations must request an Administrative Review within 21 days of issuance of the citation or within 10 days of the mailing of the notice of parking and violation by DATA Tickets, Inc. The Administrative Review forms may be obtained from the Piedmont Police Department at 403 Highland Avenue or on the department website. Once this form is completed and returned, the Operations police captain will review the form, and return the decision results by mail.

Within 15 days of the mailing of the results of the Administrative Review, citizens may request a second review of the parking citation by a City Council appointed Volunteer Parking Hearing Examiner. The request for a hearing must be accompanied by payment of the full amount due for the citation or, proof of inability to pay the amount due. A hearing is scheduled by the Support Services police captain after speaking with both the recipient of the ticket, and the Parking Hearing Examiner. Hearings usually take place at the Piedmont Police Department. The Parking Hearing Examiners will listen to your case and render a decision. If the Hearing Examiner decides in your favor the payment will be returned by mail. Otherwise the penalty will be retained by the City of Piedmont.

Citizens also have the right to appeal the decisions of the Hearing Examiners in Small Claims Court. Within 20 days of the mailing of the Parking Hearing Examiner’s decision, an appeal may be filed with the Small Claims Court in Alameda County. There is a filing fee of $25.00. If the Small Claims Court overrules the decision of the Parking Hearing Examiner the City of Piedmont must refund the filing fees and any part of the parking penalty that the court may order to be refunded.

The goal of the Piedmont City Council and the Piedmont Police Department is for citizens to comply with parking regulations and restrictions. It is also our goal to make the contesting of parking citations as easy and fair as possible.

Indigent Playment Plan

Effective July 1, 2018, California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 40220 requires that an agency issuing parking citations shall provide a payment plan option for indigent persons. The City of Piedmont will consider individuals who meet one of the eligibility criteria defined in 68632 (b) of the Government Code. If approved and once enrolled in an Indigent Payment Plan for Parking Citations, late fees and penalty assessments will be waived. Individuals will have up to eighteen (18) months to pay off the payment plan balance.

The City of Piedmont offers payment plans for indigent registered owners in receipt of a parking citation. If you wish to apply for a payment plan, you must make the request within 60 days of the issuance of the citation.

Property and Evidence

The Piedmont Police Department stores items as evidence, found property, safe keeping, and for destruction. The Property Officer is accountable for each item.

Found property is held for a minimum of 90 days and its description may be placed in a newspaper of general circulation to help locate the owner. Other attempts are made to determine the rightful owner of all found property, and to return it to its rightful owner whenever possible.

Evidence is held until a case is adjudicated, time requirements are met, or a court issues a Court Order authorizing the return of the property. If the property is unclaimed it may be destroyed, utilized by the police department or sent to auction.

Unclaimed property that is not destroyed is sent to auction on an as needed basis. This unclaimed property is picked up by The Property Bureau, San Clemente, California. Auctions are held daily on their website, www.StealItBack.com.

Questions regarding the return of evidence or found property should be directed to the Property Clerk at (510) 420-3016.

Property is released by appointment only.

Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9am-11am or by appointment.

Solicitor Permits

All solicitors are required to obtain a valid peddler/solicitor permit issued by the Piedmont Police Department, with the exception of a non-profit organization affiliate. Permits are $20.00 and good for one year. Peddler/Solicitors are also required to have a current City of Piedmont business license, prior to obtaining the permit.

YANA (You Are Not Alone)

This program is designed to provide a measure of security and well-being for seniors who are living alone. Once enrolled in the YANA program, a member of the department will make a daily telephone call at a specified time to ensure that you or your family member are OK. If the department is unable to reach you, a police officer is dispatched to your home to determine if there is a problem. YANA members who will be away from home at the designated time for any reason, must notify the department in advance.

Any Piedmont resident who is retired, a widow or widower, senior citizen, or convalescing from illness is eligible for the YANA program. To register as a YANA member, simply phone the Piedmont Police Department at (510) 420-3000, Monday through Friday during normal business hours. You will be asked to provide information over the phone for YANA program enrollment.