Piedmont Police Dispatch

Overview (Police-Fire-Medical)

A Dispatcher is frequently the first point of contact that a member of the public will have when requesting assistance from City of Piedmont first responders. The information gathered by the dispatcher during this contact is critical to a positive outcome. Therefore, dispatchers are trained to handle a variety of call types. They must remain calm in the face of disaster, instill calm in the reporting person, get as much information as possible from the caller to assist responding units, and multi-task the operation of telephone, radio, and computer while receiving and delivering critical response information.

When contacting the Piedmont Dispatch Center, either in-person, via 9-1-1 telephone lines, or through business telephone lines, please be prepared to provide as much information about the assistance requested as possible. Expect to be asked your location, the location of the incident, the nature of the incident, a description of involved vehicles, buildings, or people, and the direction of travel of any fleeing suspects. Taking a few moments to provide this critical information to the dispatcher at the onset of a call will allow for a more efficient and effective response by emergency service providers.

For Emergency Police, Fire, or Medical assistance, phone 9-1-1.

For urgent or non-emergency assistance, to report a suspicious person or occurrence, or to report a crime not-in-progress, please phone (510) 420-3000.

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