Piedmont Police Department Personnel

Below is a list of all employees and their respective email address, telephone numbers, or voice mail extensions:

Bell, Sabrina Dispatcher sbell@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3233
Bolden, Nicole Police Officer nbolden@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3240
Bolds, Mercedes Dispatcher mbolds@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3337
Bowers, Jeremy Chief of Police jbowers@piedmontpd.org 420-3011
Carr, Catherine Sergeant ccarr@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3225
Coffey, Robert Detective rcoffey@piedmontpd.org 420-3015
Casalnuovo, Nicole Police Officer ncasalnuovo@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3224
Castillo, Brian Police Officer bcastillo@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3227
Cutler, David Police Officer dcutler@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3235
DeWarns, Steve Sergeant sdewarns@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3223
Douglas, Lisa Support Services Commander ldouglas@piedmontpd.org 420-3014
Foster, Kristina Police Officer kfoster@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3333
Garcia, Joseph Police Officer jgarcia@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3237
Hill, Stephen Police Officer shill@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3222
Hueston, Monica Animal Svc. mhueston@piedmontpd.org 420-3006
Jaime, Robert Sergeant rjaime@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3239
Kincaid, Thomas Reserve tkincaid@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3226
Lagios, John Police Officer jlagios@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3334
Ma, Richard Parking Enf. rma@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3252
March, Sheila Admin. Asst. smarch@piedmontpd.org 420-3010
Mather, Todd Police Officer tmather@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3231
Mohoff, Renee Dispatcher rmohoff@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3232
Morgan, Justin Reserve jmorgan@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3335
Munoz, Michael Reserve mmunoz@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3229
Nicholas, Ricco Dispatcher rnicholas@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3251
Perez, Rachel Per-Diem Dispatcher rperez@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3242
Phifer, George Sergeant gphifer@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3230
Santiago, Riley Parking Enf. rsantiago@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3252
Spranza, Jeff Police Officer jspranza@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3338
Swanson, Robin Animal Svc. rswanson@piedmontpd.org 420-3006
Trevino, Vicki Per Diem Disp. vtrevino@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3234
Tucker, George Police Officer gtucker@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3236
Wells, Robert "Andy" Reserve rwells@piedmontpd.org 420-3005 x3244
Wright, Willie Detective wwright@piedmontpd.org 420-3013