Piedmont’s Participation in East Bay Community Energy (EBCE)

EBCE is a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program, which is a community-governed program authorized by California law in 2002, that pools the electric load of participating municipal, commercial, and residential accounts for the purpose of purchasing and developing cleaner power at lower rates. While EBCE will procure electricity from clean, renewable sources such as solar and wind on behalf of Alameda County residents and businesses, PG&E will continue to deliver power, handle customer billing, maintain the power lines, and respond to new service requests and emergencies. In addition EBCE will reinvest earnings back into the community to create local green energy jobs, local programs, and clean power projects.

Enrollment for municipal and commercial accounts will start automatically in June of 2018. Residential accounts will be automatically enrolled this fall, although residential customers will have the choice to participate as early adopters beginning in June. Information on early adoption procedures will be made available on this site as soon as it becomes available.

Municipal, commercial, and residential accounts will be automatically enrolled in EBCE’s “Bright Choice” power option, which – at 70% carbon free – will have a lower carbon content and a lower cost than PG&E’s regular electricity service. Ratepayers can choose to opt up to EBCE’s “Brilliant 100” power option, which is 100% carbon free and comes at a price premium.

Your participation in this program will significantly help Piedmont achieve its climate goals, especially if residential customers opt up to Brilliant 100 service. More information can be found on the East Bay Community Energy website. In addition, a presentation on EBCE was provided to the Piedmont City Council on February 5, 2018. Follow the links below to the slideshow presentation and video of the City Council meeting.