City Of Piedmont

Council Agenda Report



Date: January 3, 2005

From: Lawrence A. Rosenberg, Director of Public Works

Subject: Award of Contract to Municipal Maintenance Equipment, Sacramento in the Amount of $149,845 for the Purchase of a Schwarze Model A 9000 Street Sweeper


By motion, award contract to Municipal Maintenance Equipment, Sacramento in the amount of $149,845 for the purchase of a Schwarze Model A 9000 Street Sweeper.



Currently, the City operates three street sweepers purchased in 1986, 1994 and 1999. The 1986 sweeper is in need of replacement due to the condition of the main blower motor, a worn out transmission, the debris box, which is the main collection area of the sweeper, which is rusted out. At the conclusion of this years leaf season, this piece of equipment is no longer serviceable. The existing sweeper has a five yard capacity while the proposed new sweeper will have a nine yard capacity which provides the staff with a more effective piece of equipment.

The maintenance staff has visited several cities prior to the selection of the Schwarze Model A 9000, and believes its performance characteristics are most suitable for the functions required for the City of Piedmont.

As authorized by Chapter 2, Section 2.154 (n) of the Piedmont City Code, the City may take advantage of a previous public bid. It is proposed that the City take advantage of the City of Fremont's bid for the same piece of equipment purchased in June 2004. It is anticipated that the city will take delivery in Summer 2005.


Financial Impact:

The replacement street sweeper will be funded through the City's sewer fund.