Piedmont Fire Department: Safety Tips

Home Fire Safety Tips

Where should smoke detectors be placed in my home?
Residential smoke detectors are early warning devices to wake a sleeping person or persons. Smoke detectors should be placed in each bedroom (sleeping area) and in the hallway leading to the bedrooms.

Should I put a smoke detector in my garage?
No, a residential smoke detector is an early warning device to wake sleeping people.

Where should fire extinguishers be placed in the home?
Having a fire extinguisher in the home is a good idea, but not mandated by the Piedmont Fire Department. If you have an extinguisher, it should be placed where it is easily accessible. The kitchen and garage are good sites for an extinguisher. However, do not place an extinguisher over the stove or buried in storage in the garage, but rather hang it on the wall between 4 inches and five feet from the ground.

How often should a fire extinguisher be serviced?
There are no regulations mandating the servicing of fire extinguishers placed in single family residences. In apartments and all commercial buildings, fire extinguishers are required to be serviced once a year. Additional Information.

Weed Abatement Program

Living in an Urban/Wildland interface area presents a unique set of fire hazards. The Piedmont Fire Department enforces weed abatement regulations as outlined in City Ordinance #505 Chapter 6.1. This enforcement program is to reduce loss of lives and property by reducing fuels that could cause or support fire activity in the city.

Please review the following regulations and inspect your property for compliance with the items listed.

  1. All dead weeds and grass must be cut to within 2 inches of the ground and all cuttings removed from any portion of your property. If the property is vacant, the entire lot must be cleared.
  2. Remove dead branches from trees, dead shrubs and dead trees.
  3. Clear roof of debris. (leaves, needles, branches)
  4. Remove all trimmings, trash or debris from your property.
  5. Remove dry grass, brush and dead leaves within 30 feet, or to the property line of any structure.
  6. Clear brush within 100 feet of a structure if you have a steep slope. Beyond 30 feet grass can be maintained at 12 inches.

In addition please consider the following precautions:

  1. Provide a clearance of 10 feet around chimney tops.
  2. Stack firewood away from structures.
  3. Install a spark arrester on your chimney or stovepipe.
  4. Reduce shrubs and plants in heavily wooded areas.
  5. Keep street address numbers clearly visible from the street.