Piedmont Fire Department Directory

Fire Chief  
Bret Black (510) 420-3038 bblack@piedmont.ca.gov
Administrative Staff
Barbara Maclean Medical Billing (510) 420-3028 bmaclean@piedmont.ca.gov
Brian Cathey Fire Prevention Inspector    
Fire Captains  
Scott Barringer* EMS, Disaster Prep. (510) 420-3030 sbarringer@piedmont.ca.gov
Jon Fitzpatrick Emergency Operations (510) 420-3030 jfitzpatrick@piedmont.ca.gov
Mike Carlisle* Fire Prevention (510) 420-3030 mcarlisle@piedmont.ca.gov
Fire Lieutenants  
Justin McNulty Training/Apparatus (510) 420-3030 jmcnulty@piedmont.ca.gov
Kevin Robinson* EMS, CPR, & First Aid (510) 420-3030 krobinson@piedmont.ca.gov
Zach Heliker* Training/Supplies (510) 420-3030 zheliker@piedmont.ca.gov
Alan Grace Public Education
Russ San Fillipo Training/Apparatus
Justin Morris* Apparatus
Ron Alexander*
Todd Gerard*
Mike Pavao*
Steve Fournier*
Robb Hendry*
Brian Gidney*
Sandor Lengyel
Robert Kingston*
Jordan Shay
Dino Dedes
Brian Protheroe*
David Abernethy*
Anthony Rentorea
* Indicates licensed EMT-Paramedic
Prehospital Emergency Medical Care Dedicated Officer
Gail Porto RN, PHN. MS (925) 528-9180

All Piedmont Fire Department employees can be reached by calling the business line at (510) 420-3030. If there is no answer, than everyone is out of the station likely on a call. Feel free to leave a message and when we are back in the station we will call you back.