Staff Reports

Staff reports for the current City Council meeting are available here beginning the Friday morning before the meeting. Reports are listed by date and subject and do not contain attachments which may have been sent to the city council as part of the report.

For copies of attachments, older reports or if you have questions about this material, call the City Clerk’s office at (510) 420-3040.

Current Staff Reports

04/20/15 – Approval of the First Amendment to the Employment Agreement between the City of Piedmont and Paul Benoit

04/20/15 - Receipt of 2014 Report from the Public Safety Committee

04/20/15 - Informational Update on the 2015 Pavement Project

04/20/15 - Receipt of a Report from the Public Works Department Regarding Water Conservation Measures Being Undertaken to Comply with the Governor’s Order Regarding the Drought

04/20/15 - Progress Report on LED Street Light Conversion Project

04/20/15 - Consideration of a Resolution Opting the City of Piedmont into the California Statewide Communities Development Authority’s Open Property Assessed Clean Energy (OpenPACE) Program

04/20/15 - Approval of the Concept Plan and Overall Budget for the City Hall Entry Hallway Update and Renovation

04/20/15 - Approval of the 2015 Engineering and Traffic Speed Zone Survey as Required by the California Vehicle Code

04/20/15 - Acceptance of the Linda, Kingston, and Rose Avenues Traffic Study and Approval of Stop Sign Installation at the Intersection

Archived Staff Reports

01/05/15 – PUBLIC HEARING to Consider an Application for a Conditional Use Permit for The Stover Foundation at 1375 Grand Avenue, Suite 202 as Recommended by the Planning Commission

01/05/15 – Consideration of the Award of Contract to Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning for Updates to the HVAC System in the East Wing of the City’s Building at 801 Magnolia Avenue in the Amount of $14,725 and Approval of an Overall Construction Budget of $20,392

01/20/15 – Consideration of the Appointment of Michelle Marchetta Kenyon as City Attorney and Approval of an Agreement for City Attorney Services with Burke, Williams, and Sorensen

01/20/15 – Consideration of an Agreement with the Alameda County Fire Department for Medical Priority Dispatch Services

02/02/15 – Approval of a Conditional Use Permit for Edward Jones at 370 Highland Avenue, Suite 202 as Unanimously Recommended by the Planning Commission

02/02/15 - Receipt of the 2014 Year End Crime Report from the Police Chief

02/02/15 - Receipt of a Report from the Public Works Director Regarding Resident Outreach Regarding Street Sweeping

02/02/15 - Receipt of the 2013-2014 Audit Report

02/02/15 - Consideration of the FY 14-15 Mid-Year Financial Report

02/02/15 - Consideration of FY 14-15 Mid-Year Budget Adjustments including:

a. Appropriation of $183,753 from the General Fund Reserve

b. Appropriation of $266,000 from the Workers Compensation Fund

c. Appropriation of $130,000 from the Facilities Maintenance Fund

d. Appropriation of $40,000 from the Equipment Replacement Fund

e. Appropriation of $14,346 from the Schoolmates Fund

02/02/15 - Consideration of Authorization to Conduct a Billing Audit and Performance Review of Republic Services, Inc. Under Article 20 of the Collection Services Agreement

02/02/15 - Consideration of an Agreement with ClientFirst Technology Consulting in the Amount of $24,618 for the Development of an Information Technology Strategic Plan and Making an Appropriation to Fund the Project 

02/02/15 - Consider the Following Actions Related to the Information Technology Task Force:

a. Resolution Reestablishing the Committee; Increasing the Number of Members to Five; Specifying that the Committee Shall Appoint One of its Members as Chair and Another as Vice Chair

b. Appointments to the Committee

02/02/15 - Introduction and 1st Reading of Ordinance 716 N.S., Changing the Thresholds for Informal and Formal Bidding Requirements into Conformance with Current Best Practices

02/17/15 – Approval of the 2nd Reading of Ord. 716 N.S. Changing the Thresholds for Informal and Formal Bidding Requirements into Conformance with Current Best Practices

02/17/15 - Authorization for the City Administrator, Public Works Director, and/or the City Engineer to Sign California Department of Transportation Forms for State and Federally Funded Projects and Receipt of Grant

02/17/15 - Receipt of a Report Regarding the Recreation Department’s Community Outreach Project

02/17/15 - Consideration of an Agreement with Wesco Graphics, Inc. in the Amount of $11,093.06 for Recreation Department Brochure Printing Services

02/17/15 -  Consideration of the Award of the Highland Avenue Park Way Drainage Improvement Project to JJR Construction, Inc. in the Amount of $217,969.25 and Authorize an Overall Construction Budget of $278,650 and Authorization for the City Administrator to Sign the Contract

02/17/15 - Consider an Agreement with R3 Consulting Group Inc. in the Amount of $51,300 for the Billing and Performance Audit for Richmond Sanitary Services and Review of the Franchise Amendments Requested by Richmond Sanitary Services

02/25/15 - Consideration of a Recommendation from the Planning Commission Regarding a Request by the Property Owner for Modification to the Conditions of Approval for a New Home at 53 Cambrian Avenue, Originally Approved by the Council in 2009

03/16/15 – Approval of City Council Liaison Assignments for the Period from 3/1/15 to 02/29/16

03/16/15 - Consideration of Options Regarding Regulation of Short Term Rentals

03/16/15 - Consideration of an Agreement with Mann, Urrita, and Nelson for Auditing Services in the Amount of $42,195 Per Year for 3 Years

03/16/15 - Consideration of an Agreement with Bartel Associates, LLC for Actuarial Services in the Amount of $27,250

04/06/15 – Appointment of Tim Rood as the City’s Representative to the Alameda County Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Steering Committee

04/06/15 – Consideration of an Application for a Conditional Use Permit for Zion Lutheran Church at 5201 Park Blvd. as Recommended by the Planning Commission

04/06/15 - Consideration of a Street Closure Request for the Recreation Department’s 1st Annual Family Triathlon on May 16th

04/06/15 - Informational Update on the City’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment Allocation Progress

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