Piedmont City Code


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Chapter 1: General Provisions
Chapter 2: Administration
Chapter 3: Parks
Chapter 4: Animals
Chapter 4A: Bicycles
Chapter 5: Building Code
Chapter 5A: Disasters and Emergencies
Chapter 6: Abatement of Nuisances
Chapter 7: Excavations Generally
Chapter 8: Fire Prevention
Chapter 9: Garbage and Rubbish
Chapter 10: Licenses
Chapter 11: Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Chapter 12: Offenses - Miscellaneous
Chapter 12A: Lost, Stolen, Confiscated or Abandoned Property
Chapter 12B: Surplus Property
Chapter 12C: Regulating the Sale of Firearms and Ammunition
Chapter 13 : Peddlers and Solicitors
Chapter 14 : Plumbing - Repealed by Ord. 713 N.S. - Provisions Now Contained within Chapter 5
Chapter 15 : Motion Picture and Television Production
Chapter 16 : Private Schools
Chapter 17: Regulations Prescribing the Character of Construction
Chapter 17A: Building Sewers
Chapter 17B: Home Occupations
Chapter 17C: Public Safety Service Charge
Chapter 17D: Second Dwelling Units - Provisions Transferred to Chpater 17 by Ord. 703 N.S.
Chapter 17E: Development Agreements
Chapter 17F: Disclosure Statements
Chapter 17G: Regulating Wireless Communications Facilities
Chapter 18: Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 19: Subdivisions
Chapter 20: Taxation
Chapter 20A: Utility Use Taxes
Chapter 20B: Municipal Services Special Tax
Chapter 20E: Special Municipal Sewer Tax
Chapter 21: Trailers and Commercial Vehicles
Chapter 22: Underground Utilities
Chapter 23: State Video Franchises
Chapter 24: Bingo
Chapter 25: Commissions
Chapter 26: Piedmont Police and Fire Pension Plan
Chapter 27: Alarms
Chapter 28 : Protection of Police Department Canines
Chapter 29 : Emergency Medical Services
Chapter 30: Storm Water Management and Discharge Control
Chapter 31: Trip Reduction